Sunrise, Sunset

When Nate and Lydia were little Dan would put them to bed at night.  Their favorite was when their dad would tell them the stories of "The Adventure Kids".  These were stories that Dan made up, on the fly, at the moment's notice.  It always involved two kids by the name of Nate and Lydia.  The stories always bordered along the suspenseful to the very heroic.  Of course, Nate and Lydia loved it and would always want to hear more.   As time went on some of the grandkids were also part of "The Adventure Kids".  Ethan would hear about his great exploits as well as Tucker and Lily.  As our two youngest got older these stories weren't told as much unless the grandkids spent the night.  I think that Georgi and Gideon got in on some of the adventures too.    I hadn't heard about these adventures for a long time until I was in the car with Tucker and some of the other grandkids.  Tucker promised to tell them an "Adventure Kid" story if they would be quiet.  This just made me smile.  The tradition was being carried out by another generation.

"I don't remember growing older.
When did they?"

May has come and gone and with it a lot of memorable moments.  Mother's Day, a birthday and then the birth of the newest in the family ~ Gilbert Boone.  Time, as it seems, is in a race to flash by me.  I don't remember growing older and, yet, here I am at the beginning of old age.  My babies are now having babies (or have had babies) and even some of those babies are practically grown.  I was watching my oldest interact with her oldest on Mother's Day weekend and it made my head flip (in a good way of course).   It delights me and stuns me all at the same time.  

Lydia is graduating this year.  The party is in a couple of weeks.  Nate and his wife are having a baby next month.  I vividly remember bringing both of them home.  Lydia had amazing hair at two weeks old.  Nate was a chubby, roly-poly baby at 3 months old.  So much life happened from then until now but it seems like it was just yesterday.  

When did she get to be a beauty?
When did he grow to be so tall?
Wasn't it yesterday when they were small?

Life just happened.  I can't explain it but it seems to be happening at top speed.  There is no slowing it down or even speeding it up (heaven forbid!).  I really don't mind growing older but I do wish the body parts would cooperate.  There are still things to do and accomplish.  Maybe things seem to be going at a faster pace, though, because I have slowed down (even the metabolism isn't what it used to be).  Whatever it is I am much more cognizant of the fact that I am not what I used to be, physically or mentally, and not what I strive to be spiritually.

Older age does have its vantage points.  Sure, who wouldn't like to have a younger body at my age?  And yet, life's experiences have been a good/hard teacher.  This can be said for most anybody in the human race.   But my vantage point is strictly from a Christian perspective and life experiences take on a whole new meaning. 

From the cradle to the grave the Christian has "precious and very great promises" (2 Peter 1:4) from the One who created everything.  I might not know what is in store for me in the future but God does.  So each day comes with a promise. A promise to carry me through what may come.  It might be a good surprise like the birth of a new grandchild.  Or it might be a sadness like the death of a loved cousin.  Either way a sustaining Hand is what is needed and what is given.

Yes, I am getting old.  Many times I feel old but the future is always promising.  Because He is faithful and He has promised.

"Listen to me, O house of Jacob,
all the remnant of the house of Israel,
who have been borne by me from before your birth, 
carried from the womb,even to your old age I am he,
and to gray hairs I will carry you.
I have made, and I will bear.
I will carry and will save."
Isaiah 46:3-4


  1. Your words always touch deeply and profoundly. Thank you for sharing your heart ♡

  2. I being of the same age as you Judy so find this revelant in my life. I don't remember getting older but it happened all the same. If God gave me the opportunity to go do it all again I would gladly accept. I loved raising my kids and yet now I love being a granma. There is hope and love in the end of my days, and for that I am grateful. Thank you for the inspirational words.

  3. I am always blessed by the wisdom that comes from those who have walked longer than I have. Thank you.