Lost in the Fog

"Though he slay me, I will hope in him."
Job 13:15

Her fingers were numb and had been for hours.  That is why she tied her hands to the reins for fear that she would drop them.  It probably wouldn't have mattered as her conveyance knew what to do and would have brought her to the place she needed to be.   Nevertheless, she held on even though she couldn't feel it.  Honoria had been riding on Abindon for what seemed an eternity.  She was cold and somewhat lifeless.  At times she would hear her faithful friend snort as if to awaken her and bring her back to life. She had forgotten how many journeys she had taken with her steadfast ride.  But this one seemed to go on forever.  It was dark and the fog was thick.  With it came the damp and the cold.  It was hard to see the path that they needed to travel and at the speed they were going it was up to Abindon to determine its surety.  

Often, on their journeys, Honoria could feel the eyes of the enemy upon them.  Tonight was different.  It wasn't just a feeling anymore but sounds in the distance that kept coming closer.  Someone was fast approaching.  From the corner of her eye she could see glimpses of the enemy drawing near.  Honoria leaned into the horse urging it on, faster because their very lives depended on the speed of the race.  On and on they went.  In and out of trees following the path that would lead them to their journey's end.  So much depended on getting the papers to the encampment.  Fear rose up in Honoria's throat until she could hardly breathe.  "God help me", she said.  And with that Abindon added to his speed.  The rest was a blur.

Honoria didn't remember being untied and pulled from her horse.  Nor did she remember being carried and thrown unto the damp ground.  There was a small recollection of tossing the precious papers into the bushes by a tree in hopes that she could find it later.  She vaguely remembered the neighing of her horse as she was taken away from him.  She fell, deep down into slumber or, more likely, unconsciousness.

She awoke to aching in her bones and muscles that would hardly move.  As her eyes began to focus Honoria's spirit fell.  She was now a captive in the hands of the enemy!  Where was Abindon?  What was going to happen next?  Fear rose up inside of this aged woman until she thought it would spill out of her.   Words came out in a sound much calmer than she felt.  "Calm down!".   Knowing that nothing is ever accomplished by raging emotions,  Honoria began to breath evenly and take mental note of all of her surroundings. The place wasn't entirely unfamiliar to her.   Although her wrists were tied to a tree she could see where she had been last night before all went black.  The enemy was advancing and closer to the MC's army than she anticipated.  This was alarming!  No wonder she had been caught as their course had taken them so close to this new encampment of the enemy.  How foolish and careless she had been.  Now she not only risked her own life but that of her faithful friend, Abindon.  What was to be done now?

Honoria sunk to her knees and began to pray,

*"Thou hidden source of calm repose, thou all sufficient love divine,
my help and refuge from my foes secure I am, if thou art mine;
and lo! from sin and grief and shame 
I hide me, Jesus, in thy name.

Thy mighty name salvation is, and keeps my happy soul above; 
comfort it brings, and pow'r and peace and joy and everlasting love;
to me, with thy dear name, are giv'n 
pardon and holiness and heav'n.

Jesus, my all in all thou art, my rest in toil, my ease in pain,
the medicine of my broken heart, in war my peace, in loss, my gain,
my smile beneath the tyrant's frown, 
in shame my glory and my crown.

In want my plentiful supply, in weakness my almighty pow'r,
in bonds my perfect liberty, my light in Satan's darkest hour,
my help and stay where e'er I call, 
my life in death, my hean'n, my all.

Surely the MC was with her even in this awful place.  Honoria need not fear and this is what she would tell herself with all the moments that were to come. (Psalm 23:4)  She might die in the hands of the enemy but she was not alone and knew that her path would be made straight by the Master Commander.  There was a plan even though it was unknown to her.  The old woman's heart began to calm down and with it a hope that all is well even if it didn't look like it.  

Days turned into weeks until Honoria had been a captive for 3 months time.  With each passing day the aged woman had been given duties to perform in the enemy camp.  And yet, it wasn't uncommon that that her captors, cruel beasts of humanity, caused her and Abindon pain and suffering.  In response Honoria prayed fervently that she would do good to those that despitefully used her.  And so, as time went on, the cruelty was minimized to a few who just enjoyed being mean.  She had won the hearts of some with her kindness and these, in turn, would be the ones who would come to her defense.

It had been found out that Honoria was a gifted healer of sorts.  Things that she had learned in her many years of living on the farm came in handy during her captivity.  So it was not uncommon for anyone to come up to her with their ailment assuming that Honoria could and would help them.  This new kind of freedom gave her opportunity to visit and spend time with her friend, Abindon.   In the beginning of their captivity Abindon was frantic to see his companion.  He had given his captors quite a time with his high spirit antics.  But now that Honoria could be with him Abindon had quieted down even though he sensed that all was not right.

So the days began to have a certain rhythm to them.  There really wasn't comfort in this rhythm as what Honoria wanted most to do was escape on Abindon, find the precious documents, and race to the MC's camp.  However, as each day past with no way of escape so did the hope for that day.  There was one thing that she did find would bring brightness into her moments.  As was the rhythm  of each day there would be those of her captors that would need her special care.  This took some time and Honoria even stretched it out to longer that normal.  For what she was able to do was speak with each captor of her love for the MC.  His ways were so wonderful and marvelous.  His care so tender and kind.  At first the enemy would scoff and ridicule.  But as each day passed more would come to hear Honoria's tales of a master so good that it was hard to comprehend.  It wouldn't be long and some would come, not to be healed, but to listen and wonder.

There will be times in our lives that the enemy of our soul will torment and want to destroy us.  It might even seem small and inconsequential but will bring frustration and fear.  Or it may actually bring about death of those we care about or hear about.  In those moments we will be tempted to think that God has forgotten us or maybe that we don't matter anymore.  It is my hope that you will remember Him and trust in Him even when all looks lost.  If you are in Christ, your life is not your own.  Therefore, you have been set on a path that is His doing.  All you need to do is follow.

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*Charles Wesley 1749

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