An Update

I had read a quick post from my cousin that she wrote on Facebook this morning.  And as Dan and I were coming out of the doctor's office I recited what she had posted.  Her post said that as she had awakened this morning what went through her mind was, "Our great God, our great God".  God, indeed, is great and no matter what we face each day that statement won't change.

But we did hear some good news today.  The results of the CT scan showed nothing abnormal.  The cancer didn't even show up on it.  Now we do still know that because of the pathology report that there is cancer present.   The next step is to see a  oncological specialist in the Vancouver area.  So the referral has been sent and I will wait to hear when the appointment will be scheduled.

Again, so many thanks to all of you.  We feel so incredibly loved.  More news will be coming when we know more.


  1. Rejoicing, rejoicing, rejoicing!
    Jan Butz

  2. Encouraging news! Still sending prayers up on your behalf!~ Jacque B.

  3. Awesome news Judy to you and your family. Prayers being sent your way

  4. Singing "Praise the Lord, oh my soul...and all that is within me praise His holy name!"

  5. Thank you Lord!! I am so thankful to hear this and will keep praying! Thanks for the update!