Family & Friends

It's late and I should be in bed but I wanted to write one more post before my surgery tomorrow.  Actually, I'm not that tired and my mind is thinking of many things.  Daughters calling,  one coming from out of town and another one making dinner.  A son who is hovering at home when he could be elsewhere.  The wagons are circling.  Hugs from mothers and a sister's concern.  More calls from a brother, dependable, along with his wife, my other sister.  And then there are the friends; glorious treasures of God's grace who wait, hoping to serve because that's what they do when the wagons circle.  I am extremely grateful this night to think of the army of saints that holds us up with their prayers.  Others have come alongside because you have asked them to.  They also have become partakers in this golden cord of prayer.

And then there is my favorite, my husband, who is always watching and caring.  He is a wagon master himself in how he plans and directs the rest of us.  This man that I love is strong, yet tender when it comes to the heart and his Savior.  I know that I am blessed beyond many for I experience his graces daily.

So my last thought tonight is one of overwhelming gratitude.  I know that all good gifts come from the Father above and He is generous in His blessings.  As I lay my head down tonight it will be with praise to the God who is my helper, the upholder of my life (Psalm 54:4) and who gives peace (Psalm 4:8).

I understand that tomorrow will be hard but I don't count it any harder than what many of you experience in your own lives.  It is one more day to face and by God's grace He will supply what is needed.

I am thankful ~


  1. Beautiful thoughts, Judy...and the "Golden Cord of Prayer" is wonderful to behold! His hand is upholding you and yours - and here's another hug from a sister who is praying half a world away.

  2. I am proud to be one of the herd, one of the sheep that is praying for you my friend. Thinking of you today, knowing you can beat this.

  3. praying for you and yours today. Love your words, your love of the savior and YOU! Sending hugs from afar.

  4. Just one in the crowd, lifting you up and asking God to heal you completely, to give your surgeons wisdom and your loved ones comfort. You are a treasure, valued, loved and God is surely there.

  5. Praying for you in Tacoma.

  6. Judy,
    Jamie and I are praying for you. May you be overwhelmed with His peace that passes understanding. I only wish I did not live so very far away, so that I could serve you and your dear family; maybe even use some of my nursing skills. Carrying you on my heart and in my prayers. Love you dearly!


    Psalms 94:17-19

  7. Our prayers go out to you! Know that you are dearly loved!

  8. So thankful for your testimony of faith and strength! We love you and Dan and your family and are lifting you in prayer. Love, The Kattermans